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The Story


If you want to understand a culture, understand its stories.


If you want to change a culture, change its stories.


Welcome to the Small Press Expo, where artists and storytellers are changing culture, one story at a time.


This documentary series takes a look at the challenges, obstacles, and rewards of crafting new stories and redefining our cultural vision for whose stories are heard.

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See below for info on the film festivals we are screening at.


Learn more about SPX from their website.

Festivals and Awards

Official Selection


  • Beloit International Film Festival, 2022

  • Short Long World Festival, Corrientes, Argentina, 2021

  • Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival, 2021

  • LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival, 2021

  • OutReels Cincinnati, 2021

  • East Europe International Film Festival, 2021

  • Alexandria Film Festival, 2021

  • Berlin Indie Film Festival, 2021

  • Big Sur Film Festival, 2021

  • Chain NYC Film Festival, 2021

  • Chicago Indie Film Awards, 2021

  • Comics in Film Festival, 2021

  • DC Shorts International Film Festival, 2021

  • Heritage Film Festival, 2021

  • New York Independent Cinema Awards, 2021

  • OUTsouth Queer Film Festival, 2021

  • Over Forty Film Festival, 2021

  • Toronto International Women Film Festival, 2021

  • Urban MediaMakers, 2021

  • Utopia Festival, 2021

  • Vegas Shorts, 2021

  • Woods Hole Film Festival, 2021


  • Best Female Director, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, 2021 

  • Best Poster, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, 2021 

  • Best Documentary, Feel the Reel International Film Festival, 2021

  • Semi Finalist, Dumbo Film Festival Awards, 2021

  • Finalist, Independent Shorts Awards, 2021

  • Finalist, Best Story: East Europe International Film Festival, 2021

  • Finalist, Best Director, Documentary: East Europe International Film Festival, 2021

  • Finalist, Best Director, Short Documentary: Oregon Shorts Film Festival, 2021



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Marjee Chmiel is an award-winning, multi-media creator who has worked with the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, and PBS. She has published and spoken extensively on the topic of learning and media. Her doctorate focused on user-generated media. In 2011, she published Luci's Let Down, a graphic novel about the struggles of creativity, real-life, and heartache from the perspective of Western civ's greatest villain. 


With an undergraduate degree in chemistry and a PhD in social science research, Marjee feels strongly that the most important truths can be found in the arts and that is the subject of her scholarship as well as creative work.  


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